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Alexander Girshon, Elena Romanova and Anna Garafeeva - are the primary members of the Studio for Dance Improvisation (a creative network for improvisation and new dance in Yaroslavl, Russia)
Works of Performance-Trio based on the exploration of a variety of themes through dance, movement, text and sound. We draw inspiration from different sources - from archaic rituals to romantic dance stereotypes and movement patterns from everyday life. Performance-Trio combine postmodern choreography and improvisation (especially, contact) and contemporary dance theater. Reality and surreality of modern Russia give us paradoxical ideas, thought provoking images and specific physical language, that expressing through thoughtful eclecticism and presence in the "now-here". Performance-Trio often perform in galleries, conferences and outside, investigate and experiment with relationship between life and art through site- and event-specific performances,
“… the greatest success on “The Russian Evening” – concert of young choreographers in the Musorgsky Theatre…” (about composition “Exit” by Performance-Trio)
Alexei Gosudarev, Literary Newspaper
Members of Performance-Trio are the primary Russian organizers of the International Festival of Movement and Dance on the Volga "ART OF MOVEMENT" and participants of many Russian dance and jazz festivals. Trio’ members are also among the primary Russian organizers of the Russian-American collaboration project "Ghostdance" (97-98) and had collaborations with well known Russian jazz musicians (Anatoly Berestov, Jury Kasyanik, Sergei Belichenko and many others) and visual artists.
Alexander Girshon - dancer, choreographer, dance therapist; Head of the Council of Yaroslavl Modern Dance and Performance Association, Director of Science and Research Department of WDA-Europe (Russian Chapter). Co-founder of Great Net Theater (88-92) and Studio for Dance Improvisation (since 94). Author and translator of many articles on dance therapy and improvisation.
Elena Romanova - dancer, choreographer (BA in Dance, Yaroslavl College of Culture). One of the member of Great Net Theater (88-92) and artistic director of Studio for Dance Improvisation. Mother of two wonderful children.
Anna Garafeeva - dancer, psychologist, teacher; study gymnastic from age of eight. She began her training in improvisation and creative arts therapy in Studio for Dance Improvisation. As a therapist work with adult and disabled children, teach improvisation and contact in Yaroslavl Modern Dance School.