Iguana Dance Theater
Theatre "Iguana" lives in present as it should be for any theatre. Nina Gasteva being a director, choreographer and dancer sees her theatre as a machine producing the space. We are not talking about "winning aback" the space, and about its aggressive filling but about adding, flowing into and recreation of the space. That's why in "Iguana" theatre the actor, dancer is a tool transforming imagination of the spectator about one's world and flesh in which he is doomed not only to be but is get used to control (as he thinks). Not message, not information, not declaration of some pre-formulated ideas about the world but creation of always a different world in minds of spectators, the world that can unfold an indefinite fan of probabilities. The way of existence offered by the theatre requires co-creativity and risk from spectators.  The pleasure from  penetration into the nature of changes and transformations will be granted only to those who will overcome the borderline of inertial (traditional) perception.
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