Alexander Shishkin's school of Contemporary Choreography
The school was establshed in 1996 on the initiative of Alexander Shishkin.
Alexander Shishkin studied at the ADF (American Dance Festival) summer school in Durham, North Caroline in 1993, 1994 and 1998 where he attended classes of such outstanding American choreographers as Talley Beatty, Matt Mattox, Donald McKayle, Woody McGriff and others.His acquaintance with modern choreography and practical knowledge acquired in the process of training prompted him the idea of setting up his own school.
Theachers of the School of Contemporary Choreography:
Natalia Bobrova (modern dance)- at the festival D.V.P. (Austria, 1998), took workshops conducted by Matt Mattox, Donald McKayle, Betty Jones, Desmond Richardson, Inessa Malanicheva (classical dance) - the former soloist of the Bolshoi Theater, choreographer and professor of dance. In 1997 the students of the school of Modern Choreography took part in Jean-Michel Jarre's laser show in Moscow. In October 1999 a piece from A.Shishkin and N.Boborove's first gatage production "Porcupines" was presented at the First Festival of the European Contemporary Dance in Moscow.

The International centre of Modern Choreography
Theatre-school of Modern Dance "Vortex"
The modern dance school "Vortex" was opened in Moscow in 1996. The main disciplines are classical dance, jazz, folk, tap, gymnastics and acrobatics. The training devides on 3 leveles: beginners, advance and professional.
The proessional troupe "Vortex" was created on the base of the school. Active performing and educational activities are being navigated on the basis of the school's and troupe's repertoire..
The objects and tasks are
- development and maintanence of the International Centre of Modern Dance as the way to combine dancers, teachers and choreographers with an eye to establish favorite conditions for constructive realization;
- organization of modern dance festivals;
- to develop modern choreography in Russia, educational programs such as seminars with world leading teachers are being created;
- a new universal school of choreography and history of Art " Vortex" is also being organized at the moment;
- upbringing professianal modern dancers;