Sasha Pepelyaev Kinetic Theater
Moscow based contemporary dance company "Kinetic Theater" combines art of choreography with achievements of Russian avant-garde in music, poetry, theatre. The idea of artistic search for new possibilities of scenic expressions inspired 11 works of the company since 1994. Many of them have been presented at numerous festivals in Russia, Europe and USA. The company performances were awarded at domestic and international choreographic meetings.
Basic interests of the company members include different approaches to physical and psychlogical energy of movements, words, sounds and contacts. Visual dynamicism and dramatic tension serve to initiate unexpected resolutions of themes. Parallel verbal and space flows help to arrange specific atmosphere for diffusion of the common tragedies into the abstraction of pure dance phrases.Juxtaposition of mutual banality with poetic power of human body stays as an endless source of themes and moods in the Kinetic Theater works.

1997 in Moscow several nearly independent dancers have self a time and have decided to give it name “PO.V.S.TANZE”. (ÏÎ.Â.Ñ.ÒÀÍÖÛ – Nearly Inwardly Free Dances).
Group exist as& free ; union  of dancers ; and concerns with experiments in the field of improvisational dance and performance, emerges with own projects with and in joint project Moscow alternative musicians, artist, designers.
In August 1997 on festival of Christian theaters in Daugavpils (Latvia) dancers have presented performance “ They are Walking”.
Dancers of the group are of in creation and presentation of pieces of Theatre of Dance Improvisation of G.Abramov. Dances of group participated in Russian – German project “Na Zemlje” of German choreographer Sasha Waltz in November 1998 in Berlin/ In April 1999 on the International festival “Pushkin s Goethe” in Moscow the group
“Po.V.S.Tanze” has presented performance “Unleashing Myself”, in which continues experiments in improvisation and choreography. Original costumes and stage design created..

Saira Blansh Theater
International laboratory of peformance and dance. Founded more than seven years ago. Place where russian and foreign artists are condacting theatrical and dance experiments. Free improvisation on stage as main mode of existance. Search for order in a Brown'ian patterns of movement.
Aboriginals :
Oleg Soulimenco ( september 2, 1960, Charcov); Andrey Andranov (october 7, 1959, Moscow); Eugenia Andrianova  (december 10, 1962, Moscow); Andrey Dergatchev (april 25, 1969, Astrachan); Svetlana Moscvina (january 2, 1964, Moscow).
Selected works : From November 1992 till end of 1996 Saira Blanche Theater gaved weekly improvised perfornances every saturday,In Creative center "STEALOBAT", Moscow. From February 1993 opened first Moscow Contact Improvisation Club. "Unknown Heroes" choreographer N. Den Boef, Gogol theater, Stealobat, February- March 1993, Moscow. "Men - Moments" together with D. Ashwande, Center of Conteporary Art, April 1995, Moscow. From 1996 : "Serien" localy inspired joint projects of LUX-FLUX (Viena) & SAIRA BLANCHE THEATER (Moscow) "Fantomas with Love ( ha-ha-ha )" Moscow- Viena; "Hangar" - Tylo's Garage / Upper Austria; "Werft" - imagetanz 97, dietheater Kunstlerhaus, Viena; "Gudang Garam" - Trabant, Viena; "Ko-ko-ko" - Roxy, Praga; "In Rock" -  Szene Wien, Vienna; "Operation i" - Grotovskij Center, Poland

"Nota Bene" Theater
The theater founded in Febriery 1999, when a number of dancers and actors previously performed in Moscow theater: "Satiricon", Alexander Pepelyaev's "Kinetic Theater", "Mossovet Theater" and in Tashkent theater "Ilkhom" were invited to join the independent company for realizing the concept of "dram ballet". The first and so far the only production of the theater "ove.. Loneliness.. Choice" is to the music by Tom Waits.