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"Provincial Dances" Theater
“Provincial Dances” Theatre showed its first performance in 1990. Today the repertoire of the company consist of 12 productions along with independent plastic miniatures. 5 dancers work on the regular basis, several people are invited in certain stagings.
In their performing art the company synthesizes of various European and American dance schools combining choreography, jazz, folk, plastic art and dramatics which creates the unique, easy recognizable and individual style of the group. The theatre has gained prominence as an original avant-garde dance company in Russia and abroad.
“Esthetics of Provincial Dances is based on direct dependence of outer movements upon inner motions. One significant creative idea governs a synthesis of music, artistic plastics and expression, light, costumes. This is what is the company based on. The theatre is one of first avant-garde troupes at post-reform Russia. Now, this is the most vivid representative of Russia theatre avant-garde". (From weekly magazine «Kulture», sept., 1999) .
"Provincial Dances" actively collaborates with famous Russian painters, fashion designers, musicians, music composers. A season of the company usually includes 3 or 4 performances in Yekaterinburg (1 or 2 premieres among them), 2 or 3 tours, 3 or 4 international festivals and contests.
The troupe has culture relation and contacts with France, Germany, USA, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Estonia. A German choreographer and dancer Christin Brunel worked with the company. The theatre showed her stagins on tour in Germany. It also was on training in American Dance Festival (Darem) twice, where the performances were given too.
Tatyana Baganova, the choreographer of the theatre, takes part in international projects, stages shows abroad: France-Spain, 1997 (project "Europe-Dance-Europe" by Karine Saporta`s Company); the Netherlands, 1998; USA, 1999 (program «International Choreographers» by ADF).
"Provincial Dances" Theatre is a winner of numerous contemporary dance contests and festivals of high prestige, home and abroad (France, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Byelorussia); a holder of several awards including the Prize «For Modern Plastic Thinking», 1997, from the Department of Culture of Sverdlovsk Region Government. In 1999 one of the performances was called "The Best Musical Show" at the Regional Contest on Best Theatrical Show.
In 1999 the production "Man in Waiting" (choreography by T.Baganova) became a nominee for the Russian National Theatre Prize «Golden Mask» along with the productions of the Bolshoi Theatre and Boris Eifman`s Company at the nomination "The Best Ballet Show".
In 2000 the production "Svadebka" (choreography by T.Baganova) a nominee for the Russian National Theatre Prize "Golden Mask" at the nomination "Contemporary Dance".

Independent Dance Company "Kipling"
After its establishment in 1994, the company quickly won popularity with their performances in Yekaterinburg and other cities of Russia, participating in festivals and contemporary dance competitions in the country and abroad. The choreographers of the company Natalia Levchenko and Yevgeny martyanov were trained in the USA attenting the ADF workshops and classes of Charles Cre-Ange and Christie Lehuede (France), Pascaline Verrier (France), Martin Kravitz (the USA/France) and others.
The current repertoire includes 15 dance pieces in styles of jazz, funk, modern jazz, and other act production "Boy to the Left, Girls to the Right"
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