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"Dance Theater Catalogue"(DTC) was started in September of 1997 as a non profit making information agency for contemporary dance in Moscow.
We are aimed to support development of contemporary dance in Russia by making domestic and international contacts easier and faster for dance makers.
Since the foundation we have took part in a number of events such as:
- technical support of Russian Drama Theater in Ufa (Bashkiria)
- participation in financing and organizing of X International Festival of Modern Choreography in Vitebsk (Belorussia)
- info, financial and visa support for Ekaterinburg Center of Modern Art’s participation in "Evolutsioon'98" - contemporary dance festival in Estonia, in “Salto” - Youth dance festival in Denmark and Sweden. and in “Tranzit” - Youth dance festival in Koln, Germany.
- Dance Theater Catalogue co-operated with The British Council (Moscow) in the organization of the contemporary dance festival "Two way traffic" in Moscow in October of 1998
- In November of 1998 DTC organized an observation visit of the Dancessennen's dance programmer Claus Lunge (Denmark) to Ural region - Yekaterinburg, Chekyabinsk, Ufa.
- In February of 1999 DTC opened a contemporary dance school.
- Performances and workshops of Benno Voorham (Sweden) were organized by DTC in May and Nov. of 1999.
- Since November of 1998 DTC took part in co-ordination and fundrising for Yekaterinburg platform of the Bagnolet International Choreographers Meeting (France), which took place on December 17-22, 1999.
- In June 1999 DTC organized a double bill of Kinetic Theater and “Povstantzy” DC in Mayakovsky Theater in Moscow, which was a sign of rising of independent contemporary dance community.
- The organization or co-operation in the organization of the workshops in 2000:
Pasqualina Noel (France) in the University of Culture in Moscow, Feb and Apr
Pascalin Verie (France) the dance school "Vortex" in Moscow 26.02-6.03 00
the seminar for the teahers of Saint-Petersburg with russian modern dance teachers
Ester Gall (Hungary) in Saint-Petersburg
Alberto Arias (Chicago) in Ekaterinburg 5-20.05.00
Pol Selvin Norton (Holland) "Golden Masque Festival" HK im Zueva 23-25.05.00
Alleta Collins in Moscow the dance school "Vortex"
- The co-operation in the organization of Moscow Dance Festival Jun
- The organization of the audition for stage in J.Killian NDT II. N. Dmitrievskyi was selected
- Russian-German project of contemporary dance Nov.
Dance Theatre Catalogue will put all the information about contemporary dance (contemporary, modern, jazz dance, contact improvisation) in Russia. News and events, contemporary dance festivals', companies', schools', organizations' dates, please, send to.