Modern Dance Theater
Municipal Organization of Culture
Art-adviser Vladimir Pona
Choreographers Vladimir and Olga Pona
Modern Dance Theater's activities include: directing and production of performances and concerts, educational activities, participation in organization of tours of similar theater companies.
Theater has a large repertoire, which has been constantly renewed.Theater specializes mostly in mniature production - there are about 25 of them on the repertoire, 5 one - act performances include 2 for children. Theater does not have its own building.When choosing style for performances, the troupe follow rather their own percepton of the world then previously accepted and acknowledged schemes.
Modern Dance Theater is a prize - winner of many internal competios, it took part in international...including those from nom European countries.These art and business connection provide useful information on development of modern dance
Regular troupe of Modern Dance Theater includes 11 dancers, a tour group does not exceed 14 dancers. All actors have professional education, take everyday lessons in classical and modern dance.
Theater choreographers Vladimir and Olga Pona have professional education, studiedmodern dance by themself (took part in various seminar programs, including those organized by European and American theachers).
Modern Dance Theater is interested in:
organization of Modern Dance Theater performances in any country;
Modern Dance Theater participation in festivals, competition and other non-commercial activities.
Modern Dance Theater is eady to offer its troupe and logistics to a talented choreographer with letters of recommendation for production of performance of concert program. Theater can also further realization of any art projects n the Ural (Russia)
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